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David Saker
twitter @balloon

Tel: 07766 543711
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Welcome to the DEMO virtual balloon race. You can run your own race like this for 20+vat with unlimited balloons.

It's easy, choose a start and finish date, add the balloons manually from the admin area or upload a CSV file. You can also add your Paypal details and the site will set up the balloons for you (if you sell a balloon for 3 Paypal will take 39p in charges).

Each balloon moves a random distance every hour until the race is over. This is calculated using an algorithm that keeps the race competive and stops a runaway leader. 

To setup your race go here 

UPDATE 23.04.20 - You can now add a live leaderboard widget to your website, example here.

The balloons cost £3.00 each.

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